World Championships 2015 – not according to plan

What happened? Is this really the place where we belong? We had some time to think things over and we come to the conclusion that this is not a place where we belong! For anyone who didn’t follow closely, we ended up in the back of the Gold Fleet, but we know we are able to do much better! The first two races of the Worlds were ok, but after that we struggled with everything. Our start was a big problem, although with the video footage of the first day we could pick this up during the week and improve a lot. Unfortunately we also had speed issues that lasted all week, and to be honest, that is the worst that can happen in 49er racing… Our lack of speed affected our positioning options, leading to inaccurate tactics especially in the downwinds.

So we came back home very disappointed. We could pretend that this World Championships never happened, but we are not like that. We are facing it and sorting out every issue we had so we will be stronger, faster and fitter again in February for the next World Championships in Clearwater (Florida, USA).

Drifting around on the race course on one of the days of the World Championships

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