Let’s fight back and get ready for 2016!

Originally we planned to go to Rio in December to train together with other international teams. We were able to rent the Federation boat located in Rio, because our raceboat is in a sea container on its way from Argentina to Miami, so it arrives in time for the Miami World Cup in January.
However, after rethinking our schedule, we have decided to radically change our December plans and train in Holland instead. We have come to the conclusion that we actually need to save our December money, otherwise we will definitely not have the funds to go to Miami and Clearwater for the next World Cup and World Championships in January and February 2016. Besides that, we think we can also spend our time very effectively in Holland, focusing on physical and mental training. We’ve set some challenging goals for ourselves to achieve by the end of the year, and we think this is gonna help us a lot to perform next year.
Thus, take a good look at our recent photos, because we are going to spend the whole month in the fitness. Popeye and the Beast are gonna get some competition from us! (Beauty is temporarily gone;-))
Faster, fitter and stronger in 2016!

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