Dutch Championships RS500

Right after returning from the Olympic Testevent in Rio (August), Claire and Nina participated in the Dutch Championships RS500. Not with the usual team composition, but both in a different boat with a talented young sailor as crew. Fleur Lambooij and Em Sadler (15 and 16 years old) were invited for this event based on their correct answers in a social media contest.

The Championship in Medemblik was very windy, but Claire and Fleur were able to take the Silver Medal home! Nina and Em took a few too many swims, but really enjoyed the competition nonetheless,and ended up on 6th place.

Claire and Fleur on the podium.
Claire and Fleur on the podium.

It was a great experience transferring our sailing experience and knowledge and motivating young talent in the Netherlands. Our participation was really well organized by the RS500 class association, who delivered the two boats race-ready! Thank you Michiel, Hilde and Anneke!

Happy faces in the RS500!

The RS500 is a new but upcoming class in the Netherlands, with currently about 25 competitive boats. The fleet consists of younger and older teams, with a combined weight (helm + crew) of around 130kg. Let us know if you want to get in touch with the class and join in on one of their events!! We surely hope to be there again next year with a coupe of new talented young sailors!

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