We Won the Olympic Trials!!

“Great things never came from comfort zones” 

Yes!!! We did it!!! Sorry for the late update, but we have awesome news to share!!! We won the Dutch Olympic trials and qualified to represent the Netherlands in the Olympic Games of 2016!!

Our journey started exactly one year ago, when Nina got sick in Palma and I just heard I had no team anymore.. one year later we are standing in Palma as winners of the National trials for the Olympic Games of Rio 2016. Amazing what a strong mind and passion can do with you!

Never Ever Give Up

In this blog we would like to thank someone special. He never ever gave up on us and while the whole world didn’t believe, he did! Magic Max gave us our Road to Rio back and let us achieve our dreams!

Magic Max
Magic Max, with us in good and in bad times!

Thank you for believing in us! We did it together, we stuck together, we got through stuff that other teams would have never gotten through, and I think that shows what kind of character we have!

FullSizeRender (1)

And of course a big thanks to Magic Marine for making it happen! We are very proud team riders and hope we can be part of Magic Marine for life and help build an even stronger brand!

magicmarine riders

Our thanks also go to our coach, Francisco Andrade, for being able to stay with us the whole winter and for helping us improve ourselves every day again. In his first role as a coach, he helped us become a real strong team together. We are really proud of him!

Finally, thank you all family, friends and followers! We love to see all the sweet and motivational comments! It feels so good for us to have people behind us that believe in us!

Right now we have to sit down and make new plans again. We hope that we can cooperate with the federation and build a very strong team together to Rio 2016.

Although our spot in the Olympics is fairly secure, we still need to get nominated by our national sports association, NOC*NSF. We aim to achieve this during the big events this summer, so that we have plenty of preparation time for the Olympics after all qualification requirements are finished.

Upcoming wednesday the second World Cup in Hyeres (France) starts. We are happy that we can go back in the boat and do what we love, sailing!





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